AlloyInEcore: embedding of first-order relational logic into meta-object facility for automated model reasoning


We present AlloyInEcore, a tool for specifying metamodels with their static semantics to facilitate automated, formal reasoning on models. Software development projects require that software systems be specified in various models (e.g., requirements models, architecture models, test models, and source code). It is crucial to reason about those models to ensure the correct and complete system specifications. AlloyInEcore~allows the user to specify metamodels with their static semantics, while, using the semantics, it automatically detects inconsistent models, and completes partial models. It has been evaluated on three industrial case studies in the automotive domain (

Proceedings of Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE)
Ferhat Erata
Ferhat Erata
PhD Candidate at Yale | Applied Scientist Intern at AWS

My research interests include automated reasoning, program analysis, formal verification, security, and property synthesis.